If water or ice continuously dispense, the dispenser lever or switch may be stuck in the "pushed in" position. This is generally caused by residue build-up on the dispenser.

How to prevent build-up:

  • Do not dispense ice into a glass full of liquid.
  • Sugary drink, if splashed on the dispenser will cause a sticky residue that can cause the dispenser lever to stick.
  • Always dispense ice BEFORE filling with liquid.

Troubleshooting steps.

1. Activate lock button.

Press and hold the LOCK button on the display to activate the lock.

When the lock icon Dispenser Lock Icon is illuminated, the dispenser and buttons will not operate when pressed.

Once the lock is engaged, does the dispenser STOP?

2. Lever is stuck.

This indicates the dispenser lever or switch is stuck. Try to release the lever with the steps below:

Steps to follow:

  • Pull out the lever.
  • Gently push in and release the dispenser lever or switch a few times quickly, OR
  • Rub left to right, back and forth, across the dispenser switch a few time quickly.

Clean the dispenser lever to remove anything that may cause it to stick. Use warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use water to wipe over the control panel.