Your LG French door refrigerator comes equipped with a water filtration system which provides you with clean fresh tasting water. Today we will show you how to properly replace the water filter on your LG French door refrigerator.

Before you start, we recommend that you replace your water filter about every 6 months. Your LG French door refrigerator will indicate when the filter needs to be replaced. Additionally you might want to replace your water filter, if the water pressure from your water dispenser noticeably decreases in pressure.

To purchase replacement water filter cartridges, visit your local appliance dealer or parch distributor. When ordering, have on hand the replacement water filter cartridges part number: ADQ36006101. This part number can be found on the water filter as well as in your owner’s manual.

To replace your water filter, follow these steps:

  • Open the refrigerator doors.
  • The filter housing is located on the far back left of the inside cabinet.
  • Remove any obstacles that impede the water filter housing’s full range of motion. This may include the top left shelf.
  • Press the Push button on the filter housing and pull downward.
  • Remove the old water filter by pulling all the way downward.
  • Then gently pull towards you until it releases and pops out. At this point, there may be a small amount of water drainage. To catch any waste, use a paper towel or cup.
  • When you first receive your LG French Door Refrigerator, you must install the water filter located in the package.
  • When opening the filter housing for the first time, there will be a filter bypass plug used in place of the filter. Keep this plug. You might need it if a replacement filter is unavailable. The icemaker will not operate without a plug or filter in the filter compartment.
  • Open the new water filter by removing the plastic protective coating.
  • To install the fill into the filter housing, align the tabs on the side of the water filter with the housing and push in. This helps by tilting the water filter down when aligning and pushing in.
  • When popped in, lift the water filter all the way up.
  • Close the filter lid by lifting up until you hear a click.
  • After replacing the filter, we recommend you flush about 2 and 1/2 gallons or approximately 5 minutes of dispensing to remove any trapped air or contaminates from the system.
  • Do not dispense the entire 2 and 1/2 gallon amount continuously.
  • Doing so may overload the system.
  • Instead press and release the dispenser pad for cycles of 30 seconds on and 60 seconds off.
  • You are now ready to enjoy clean and fresh tasting water provided by your LG refrigerator.